Queen of The Lost Boys

Hi, I'm Elisa, an attempted Actor, Writer, and Singer. I dream of Dean Winchester, the 10th Doctor, Dylan O'brien, Coffee, Paper & Pencil, Stage lights, anything Harry Potter or Harry Styles, Superheroes, video games, really good music, and lots of food. I will seduce you with my awkwardness. I'm an adult, I swear.


Sneak Peek Of Jeremy Jordan Onstage In FINDING NEVERLAND

I wanna cry

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Ansel ships them


Ansel ships them

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Kissing with passion, doing it right.

One of the hottest onscreen kisses I’ve ever seen, bar none.


endless collection of favorite performances#1:

jeremy jordan: run away with me (x)

"if i start to look like i’m sweating…its cause i am."

Favorite songs

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Holland, who gives the best hugs out of the whole cast?

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